Are you compared to other executive suites?

We have over 11 years of experience, with many happy customers that have been with us since the beginning. Our business is locally owned and operated, our first location, Sahara Business Center, was opened in 2007 in central Las Vegas. From experience, we found what was truly valuable and important to our customers as their satisfaction was our top priority. They see the value in the services we provide, from our all-inclusive amenities to the transparencies of our services, there are never any hidden fees or the surprises you might find from our competitors. We include all the essential services that are required to run a successful business, such as 24 hour access, phone, internet, call answering service, and unlimited use of our meeting room, all free of charge. A full list of amenities may be found on our Executive Suites page.

What is required to start?

For Virtual Offices, we require the first and last month of service plus a $50 enrollment fee. For Executive Suites, we require a refundable security deposit equal to one month’s rent, the first month’s rent(prorated) and a $100 setup fee to setup your new office. To get started, you may apply online on the Virtual Office and Executive Suites Page.

Are the terms flexible?

Yes, with a virtual office, service may be terminated at any time and the pre-paid last month of service will be applied to the final 30 days of service. For executive suites, our standard agreement is based on a 12-month term for the best rates. However, short term office rental agreements are available.

If you are a tenant at one location, do you have access to the other location?

Yes, if you are an active tenant at either location you may use the common area services at all locations, including use of meeting rooms. After hour access is granted only to your primary location.

What is your availability?

Office availability are not posted online as they do change regularly. Please contact us for current rates and availability.

Do you have any promotional offers?

We offer promotions from time to time, from free rent to discounts on certain services, the best thing to do is to call and ask about our current promotions and offers.

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