The search is over!  After making the mistake of renting traditional office space for a few of my California branches, I began looking into the executive office thing to make life easier on myself.  I must have looked at a dozen before I found this place.  Each of them was lacking something(s) for my over-analytical, perfectionist nature so I was having the hardest time pulling the trigger and even missed my deadline on securing office space for the new branch because I couldn’t find something nice enough at the right price.  Well, everything happens for a reason because one morning when I was back it it, Prive showed up in my search.  I met Jason that same day and he made everything so easy and quick that I was left wondering “That’s it?”  WHY oh WHY did I ever torture myself with the traditional office space nightmare?  I will never know, but as I look out the window of my strip-view office, I have no regrets on this one!  Anyone looking for executive suites in Henderson owes themselves 10 minutes to check this place out-I know-I’ve seen them all.