The search is over!  After making the mistake of renting traditional office space for a few of my California branches, I began looking into the executive office thing to make life easier on myself.  I must have looked at a dozen before I found this place.  Each of them was lacking something(s) for my over-analytical, perfectionist nature so I was having the hardest time pulling the trigger and even missed my deadline on securing office space for the new branch because I couldn’t find something nice enough at the right price.  Well, everything happens for a reason because one morning when I was back it it, Prive showed up in my search.  I met Jason that same day and he made everything so easy and quick that I was left wondering “That’s it?”  WHY oh WHY did I ever torture myself with the traditional office space nightmare?  I will never know, but as I look out the window of my strip-view office, I have no regrets on this one!  Anyone looking for executive suites in Henderson owes themselves 10 minutes to check this place out-I know-I’ve seen them all.

Jennifer M.

We searched several local suites and were impressed by Jonathan. He made sure to answer all of our questions and has been a huge help to us since we moved in. Our favorite part of our office is the glass wall, it makes it not seem so crammed, which was a problem that we were facing with other offices. We also enjoy the view we get from our desk. We couldn’t be any happier

Ashley B.

Jason and his staff were very pleasant to work with. Their offices are nicely laid out with a welcoming lobby and receptionists who greet visitors upon arrival. The offices are fully decorated with modern aesthetics, the central meeting room is very opened and an ideal place to conduct meetings. The building also has a large open kitchen and lounge area with impressive views of the Strip. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a professional office space.

Courtney K.
We looked at several different suites before coming to Prive, and let me tell you, I am glad we kept searching. We have a beautiful glass wall which opens up the office and brings in nice natural light and a gorgeous view of the valley. Jonathan has been very helpful and has made this experience amazing.
Ashley C.
Beautiful building with great amenities and professional staff. The views of the Valley and Strip are stunning and make this property very unique.
Matthew S.